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Three Things to Take When Shopping for Patio Furniture

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by: Carson Arthur 

Shopping for patio furniture is fun for some, and stressful for others. Most people assume that shopping for patio furniture is just like shopping for new fixtures inside of your home. This is partially true, but there are some very important things to consider when dealing with the outdoors.  Here are my 3 items that I take with me whenever I go patio shopping

Three Things to Take When Shopping for Patio Furniture -

1. A Magnet
There are more amazing pieces and sets available today then ever before because we all want outdoor rooms. Unfortunately, most of our outdoor rooms get wet. Knowing what your furniture is made of will help you take care of it for years to come. This is where the magnet comes in. Place your magnet on the exposed metal, even on the metal under the wicker style weave. If the magnet doesn’t stick, this is an aluminum set, perfect for handling almost any outdoor weather conditions. If the magnet sticks, then this is either a steel or iron set. These patio pieces are a great   economical option for most homeowners however, if you don’t protect them, they will rust in heavy rain. Make sure you purchase proper covers to ensure the longevity of your set.

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