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7 Little Ways to Make Your House Feel More Like a Home – Home, Hearth and Holidays with BHGRE®

Whether you’ve lived in your house for years or just moved in, it can be a challenge to create a home that feels authentically “you.” Sure, you (and maybe your partner, kids, pets) live there, but designing a home that reflects your personal style and celebrates your favorite memories and experiences requires a little extra effort. To make your house feel more like a home, start with the simple changes below. Small details like displaying favorite mementos and adding a house plant or two may be all it takes to bring extra personality to your space.

Incorporate photos.

Placing photographs where they can be admired will remind your entire household of parties, vacations and gatherings past. To create a display that matches your home decor style, try a gallery wall of black-and-white photos in sleek black frames, or use polished brass frames for a glam effect. Resist the urge to display every photo in your collection; curate a few favorites for a more impactful arrangement.

Display cherished mementos.

Small souvenirs from a favorite vacation, shells collected from the beach and photos from a family wedding all deserve to be shown off. Use a glass shadow box that can stash everything from stones to ticket stubs. Place the box where it will spark memories for family members and serve as a conversation piece for guests.

Add a signature scent.

Most houses have their own particular smell. To ensure the scent of your home is pleasant and personal, choose an aroma you love. It might be your favorite peony-scented candle, soothing lavender essential oils dispersed in a diffuser or fresh eucalyptus left out on display. Keep the scent subtle so it won’t overwhelm.

Invest in live plants.

The difference between a house and a home is a subtle distinction that can be measured by commitment. When you get house plants, they not only breathe life and fresh air into the space, they also signal that you’ll be around to care for them regularly. Bringing plants into your home (and planting them outside) is a way of literally putting down roots.

Choose art you love.

Picking artwork that has personal meaning to you will make your house feel like a home. Even a piece of kids’ art, matted and framed, can add a pop of color to a room.

Make space for your interests.

Whether your hobby is playing guitar or doing puzzles, make room for it. Dedicating part of your home to your yoga practice or creating a designated painting nook will make it easier to do what you love, and will give your guests a glimpse into your life and interests.

Create an inviting entrance.

Styling the front door and entryway can transform the vibe of your home. To make your front stoop more inviting, add a welcome mat and a few potted plants. Make a great first impression by keeping the entryway neat and adding a bench where everyone can pause to take off their shoes.

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