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Fall Centerpieces Perfect for Entertaining – Home, Hearth and Holidays with BHGRE®

Autumn has arrived, and the holidays are on the horizon, which means looking for tablescape and fall centerpiece ideas may be on your to-do list. From fun, creative projects that involve the whole family to simple designs that incorporate the best produce of the season, the options are endless. If you are stumped for unique ways to help you make the most of the season’s celebrations, read on as we reveal some of our favorite tablescape and fall centerpiece ideas perfect for busy hosts who are looking forward to entertaining this holiday season. 

Create Pear Place Cards

If you want to get into the entertaining spirit and incorporate the flavors of the season while decorating, try setting table place cards using your favorite fall fruits. From delicate lady pears to small pumpkins, you can craft the perfect place card holder by cutting a tiny slit onto the top skin of the fruit and inserting the name card. Want to add a unique touch that won’t break the bank? Meredith Waga Perez, a celebrity florist, suggests to InStyle that people try “the same trick with miniature albino pumpkins, which she says, ‘are a little more stylish and unexpected than traditional orange—plus, in white, they blend in seamlessly with any style decor.’” 

Light a Lamp Chimneys Centerpiece

Are you looking for a fall centerpiece idea that offers a lovely glow, doesn’t wilt, and won’t take substantial time to create? You’d be surprised how much your guests will appreciate a simple yet inspired lamp chimneys centerpiece. One of Martha Stewart Living’s favorite fall table décor ideas, this affordable centerpiece involves “simply [placing] candles on small glass dishes and [covering] them with curvy lamp chimneys (which you can find for dollars at hardware or antiques stores).” Then, to complete your celebratory tablescape, you can easily fill in gaps with items like mini-gourds, pears, and colorful leaves. 

Arrange Golden Branches

If you are creating a tablescape for a long dining room table or sideboard, you may have room for larger centerpieces. Luckily, the fallen leaves and branches in your backyard can not only be part of an affordable centerpiece but a gilded and inspiring one at that. Begin by grabbing some gold spray paint and adding a beautiful metallic sheen to your chosen leaves. From there, the designers at Martha Stewart Living explain that you “hot-glue [the gold leaves] to the branches, then arrange in a vase.” And, voila! You now have a gorgeous centerpiece that you can use throughout the fall and even into the winter holidays. 

 Surprise with Succulent Pumpkins

If you find yourself with leftover, uncarved pumpkins in November, you will be delighted to discover that they can be repurposed as an unusual, nature-inspired vase. This beautiful fall centerpiece idea comes from the editors at Southern Living. All you need to do is “add a bit of damp florist foam to the top of the pumpkin and arrange [assorted small] succulents” on it. No need to deeply water the centerpiece to keep it looking festive throughout the season. Succulents survive on very little water; mist the succulents periodically, and you (and your centerpiece) should be ready for another day or night of hosting.  

Craft a Fall Garland

Eye-catching centerpieces do not need to be limited to the literal center of the table, and they don’t require professional styling. Another one of Martha Stewart Living’s favorite fall centerpiece ideas is a crafted garland that flows down the table from end to end. While that sounds like it might be expensive, the Magazine’s tutorial focuses on “a centerpiece [that] can be foraged from outdoor materials—fallen leaves, seasonal flowers, or gourds and pumpkins (many of which are abundant at this time of year).” They love using magnolia leaves and apples as part of the runner, but you can also incorporate small lanterns or candles. While these work well for any dinner party or luncheon you might host this fall, they can be fashioned to look particularly joyous at Thanksgiving. And if you have small children, you can even have them help you by adding homemade turkeys made out of leftover mini-pumpkins to the center of the garland. 

Add Glowing Vases 

Are you searching for fall centerpiece ideas that work for both indoor and outdoor entertaining? String lights may be your answer. Designer Rosanna Bowles suggested a “super-simple, one-step design” to Rachael Ray In Season: “Pile strings of white holiday lights into colored glass vessels and turn them upside down on the table.” You can also use colored lights in clear vases or mix-and-match. No matter which way you go, you are sure to have a delightful fall tablescape in no time at all. 

Include Fall Bud Vases

Bud vases are always a popular decorative element, whether you are upgrading your mantel or styling your Thanksgiving table. Food & Wine is a fan of taking the no-fuss decorative approach to fall and holiday entertaining so that you can focus on family, fun, and food. The Magazine raves about the idea of “[scattering] several small clear glass vases (we’re talking eight to ten, depending on the size of your table) with different flowers of the same color down the center of your table.” The bud vases can be different heights and widths. They even can have different decorative elements, which gives you substantial leeway as you set your festive dining table. 

Spruce Up Votives

Do you have dozens of plain white votive candles in the cabinet? Designer Mark Brunetz reveals to Rachael Ray In Season a terrific way to spruce up the votives (even battery-operated ones) without spending a lot of money: Add lentils! One of the easiest fall centerpiece ideas really does rely on some extra beans. Brunetz explains: “[grab] some juice glasses, [fill the bottoms with lentils], [add] votive candles and [tie] it all together with raffia from the craft store.” Before you know it, you have elevated your décor game and wowed your guests.  

Build Pinecone Turkeys

Are you searching for a kid-friendly craft that can be incorporated into your Thanksgiving tablescape? Southern Living loves the idea of having kids create pinecone turkeys. The supply list is small – brown pipe cleaners, an assortment of colorful synthetic feathers, glue, pinecones, and wiggly eyes, which can be found at most craft stores. Their tutorial takes you through the steps of creating some truly unique pinecone turkeys – a charming addition to your fall decorations. 

Style a Fall Terrarium

Is there an empty fishbowl in your garage or closet? If so, you’ll love being able to put it to use as you DIY a cozy fall centerpiece. Real Simple offers a straightforward how-to guide to creating this seasonally-inspired décor idea. All it requires is some moss, as well as a couple of pinecones, acorns, and mini pumpkins. Add the moss to the bottom of the fishbowl (or round vase), and “then arrange the mini pumpkins, acorns, and pinecones on top of the greenery.”  In minutes, you will have a fall centerpiece that you will be proud to display into December.