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Interior Design

10 Quick Kitchen Storage Updates

Your kitchen is the hub of your home. It’s not just the room where meals are prepared, and as such, it deserves some fresh design ideas. Great kitchens also have the potential to bring more value to your property if you decide to sell in the future. A great way to start is by enhancing your kitchen storage capabilities and layout visibility for ease of use!

Here are the best kitchen storage options that can instantly bring value, appeal, and practicality into the space, regardless of how small the dimensions and budget may be.

10 Quick Kitchens Storage Upates -

Install Pull-Out Shelves

A kitchen update that has taken the interior design industry by storm is pull-out shelves, placed inside your cabinets, so you don’t always have to reach far inside for materials. This little addition to your cabinets can even be done without a contractor if need be. With one little tug, you’ll be able to reach all the items in your cabinets. Talk about smart storage!

10 Quick Kitchens Storage Upates -

Add in a Plate Rack

If you have stunning kitchenware, you might as well show it off. Leave the big, bulky, and old kitchenware behind the cupboards and let plate racks take advantage of space that would remain unused otherwise. Plate racks are an excellent way to free up precious storage space, while also adding a splash of sophistication to your kitchen.

10 Quick Kitchens Storage Upates -

Build a Sideboard

If you’re in need of kitchen updates that add storage, think sideboards! They’re little cabinets that come in a variety of shapes, so even the smallest of rooms can fit them nicely. The additional storage space is always an added bonus, and you can use the top to place kitchen appliances or other miscellaneous items.

10 Quick Kitchens Storage Upates - bhgrelife.comMake a Bread Drawer

When countertop space is limited, you want to be smart about what you put on it. Bread is one of those items that doesn’t have to be on the countertop, unlike larger kitchen appliances like microwaves or blenders. Try tucking the bread in a specified drawer, which can keep it incredibly fresh. Bread drawer kits are easy to install and can be trimmed to fit any drawer size.

10 Quick Kitchens Storage Upates - bhgrelife.comAdd a Tray Bin

For the avid baker who owns a lot of baking trays, the bottom drawer on a stove can quickly become overwhelming. Add in a tray bin with movable dividers, and you’ll instantly add some organization to your kitchen.

10 Quick Kitchens Storage Upates - bhgrelife.comBuild in a Butcher Block

Out of all the kitchen design ideas, building a butcher block is a more expensive option. However, this has the potential to bring value and storage solutions into your kitchen – as long as you have the space. Butcher blocks are similar to kitchen islands, while less bulky. They can offer an incredible addition to space available for storage, and can even provide extra countertop room for all your cooking needs.

10 Quick Kitchens Storage Upates - bhgrelife.comSimple Utensil Storage

Although this kitchen storage option is simple, it’s also very powerful. Organize your utensils with a two-tier cutlery drawer so you can double the space you have in just any ordinary drawer.

10 Quick Kitchens Storage Upates - bhgrelife.comHang Your Pots

Some of the best kitchen ideas for storage are all about taking advantage of space that simply isn’t being used. Turn your ceiling or wall space into valuable storage space with a hanger for pots and pans. Hanging your pots and pans can achieve a modern appeal while also freeing up some well-needed cabinet space.

10 Quick Kitchens Storage Upates - bhgrelife.comEmbrace the Veggie Bin

Not all vegetables can be stored in the fridge. Things like potatoes, onions, and tomatoes need dry, ventilated spaces. Often, people leave them on the countertop, but countertop space is valuable and usually limited. Instead, add in a veggie bin. They can slide in and out of cupboards easily, while also keeping your produce nice and fresh.

10 Quick Kitchens Storage Upates - bhgrelife.comAdd a Lazy Susan

Corner cabinets can be hard to organize. As a result, they often don’t get used to their full potential. Add in a Lazy Susan (a corner spinning shelf) and take advantage of all the space you now have available in corner cabinets.






Kitchen upgrades don’t have to break the bank. With these affordable kitchen storage solutions, you can take advantage of every nook and cranny in your kitchen, while also showing prospective buyers how practical your kitchen is if you decide to sell in the future.