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10 Holiday Baking Gifts Home Bakers Will Love – Home, Hearth and Holidays with BHGRE®

If someone on your holiday shopping list has become passionate about home baking, now is the perfect time to shop for gifts that range from practical to whimsical. From cooling racks to five-speed hand mixers, there are great options to fit every gift budget and personality. Read on as we reveal gifts that will delight anyone who loves holiday home baking or wants to start the new year ready to bake.

Colorful Cake Stands

The celebration season is upon us, and displaying particularly festive creations takes on added importance. Kick the season off right by gifting your favorite holiday home baking fan a Mosser Glass Cake Stand. Martha Stewart Living loves this option; “Every cake needs a pedestal, and these iconic glass cake stands are just what a baker needs to show off a frosted creation or a stack of cookies.” The stands now come in six different colors, so you can choose the perfect pedestal in your loved one’s favorite hue. 

Ultra Power Hand Mixers

Stand mixers are a wonderful invention, particularly when bakers are working on big batches of dough. However, there are times when you are whipping up cookies or cooking at the stove where you want to use your own bowls, or you need multiple bowls going at once. This is when a hand mixer can be a baker’s best friend. If you are shopping for someone who will be doing a lot of holiday home baking this year (and the next), they will love getting a hand mixer like the affordable 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer from KitchenAid that Southern Living adores. It’s lightweight, but it gets the job done. And it comes in some very festive holiday and tropical colors, sure to brighten up any home baker’s kitchen. 

Sourdough Crocks and Starters

Has someone on your holiday gift list started baking sourdough at home over the past year? They may have struggled with storing their starter and experienced the dangers of too-tight lids. King Arthur Baking to the rescue! Martha Stewart Living adores gifting not only their fresh sourdough starter but also the company’s gorgeous stoneware crock. The Magazine explains: “A sourdough starter deserves a beautiful home, and this American-made stoneware crock fits the bill. Its height and shape give the starter room to grow, and its loose-fitting lid allows gases to escape.”  

Oak Double Oven Gloves

You might not think of an oven glove as being among the most exciting stocking stuffers, but this holiday gift will leave anyone who loves home baking dancing when they receive it. In fact, these oven gloves by Emma Bridgewater are so popular that they made Real Simple’s holiday favorites list. Why? The Magazine raves: “This double oven glove is great for handling heavy casserole dishes and doubles as kitchen decor since it can hang on the oven door.” You can even gift multiple designs so that your loved one can swap them out depending on the season.  

Copper Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set with Silicone Bottoms

There are few more frustrating things when baking than having your mixing bowls skid across your workspace as you mix, blend, and stir. How many times have you heard about your favorite baker dancing with disaster while pouring batter from the bowl into a pan? These are among the reasons that Southern Living sings the praises of these 4-Piece Copper Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set with Silicone Bottoms from Home Depot. This affordable set is easy to clean, non-reactive, lightweight, and fitted with “lipped rims [to] make it easy to pour batter into your baking pans.” The silicone bottoms prevent skidding as they help keep the bowls anchored to your countertop as you use them. Plus, they are so gorgeous they are likely to find a place of honor on the counters even after the holiday baking is done!

Ceramic Baguette Bakers

If your loved one has moved into the advanced lane of home baking, baguettes are probably on the horizon. If you give them a gift that will help make this notoriously challenging bread easier, they will absolutely reward you by sharing. Real Simple loves the Emile Henry Ceramic Baguette Baker from Williams Sonoma. The trick behind the ceramic baguette dish is that proofing and baking can be done in the same vessel. Real Simple shares: “It’s designed to turn out three evenly sized baguettes, and its simple steaming technology makes it easy to achieve that oh-so-famous crisp, brown baguette crust.” Yum! 

Oven-to-Table Bread Warming Trays

Speaking of bread, do you know a home baking fan who loves hosting friends and serving warm bread along with a selection of charcuterie and cheese? If so, get them a holiday gift that they will use all year long. The Oven-to-Table Bread Warming Tray from Uncommon Goods is another favorite of the editors at Real Simple. Why do they refer to it as a “genius serving tray?” The Magazine explains: “It comes with a clay warming stone that keeps bread toasty at the table. Just wrap a tea towel around a fresh loaf, place it on the stone, and it’ll stay warm throughout happy hour.”

Wilton Tiered Cooling Racks

If your loved one often has multiple bakes going at once, from cookies to sponge cakes, they could definitely use more cooling racks. In fact, all holiday home bakers can use more racks, but people often lack the necessary counter space. The Wilton Perfect Results Non-Stick Three-Tier Cooling Rack neatly addresses both of those issues, and it won the hearts of the editors at Martha Stewart Living. These versatile racks give bakers the option of stacking them, should space be scarce, or sitting them next to one another for cooling each delicious bite.  

Dolly Parton Holiday Cookie Cutter Sets

Add a bit of whimsy to your holiday gift-giving by honoring country music fans with Dolly Parton’s Holly Dolly Cookie Baking Kit. Not surprisingly, this fun baking set made Southern Living’s holiday guide. The Magazine reveals: “The 26-piece set comes with 12 icing bags, 4 decorating tips, a storage box, a plastic coupler, and 8 cutters (guitar, angle, house, musical notes, butterfly, Christmas tree, wreath, and star).” It’s a wonderfully complete set that will have your favorite holiday home baking expert smiling and singing from the moment they open it. 

Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

Silpat may be the gift that your home baker doesn’t know that they want but won’t know how they baked without it once they receive it. As Martha Stewart Living exclaims: “Leave it to the French to invent one of the ultimate baking accessories!” Silpat essentially takes the place of parchment paper. It’s a reusable, non-stick baking pan liner that comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit cookie sheets, molds, and cake pans. It also virtually eliminates the need to use cooking sprays while baking. From holiday pavlovas to homemade puff pastry, the Silpat works wonders. And it cleans like a dream. Truly a gift that your holiday home baking pro needs for this season and years to come.